NewSonic – ultrasonic hardness measurement – Made in Germany for customers all around the world

This was the motto under which the company ‘NewSonic GmbH’ was founded on 21/06/2010.

We develop and manufacture portable hardness testing devices for our clients around the world using the latest technology and with a focus on the metal production and processing industry. (machinery construction, vehicle manufacture, aeroplanes, power plant construction, chemistry, off-shore, maintenance companies etc.).

The company’s founder and the staff have many years’ experience in portable hardness measuring using the UCI method (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) and the LEEB method (rebound hardness test). We also see ourself as a provider of solutions in the fields of nondestructive testing, general material testing and assessing the quality of surfaces. Our worldwide partners are at our side along the way to supplement our range with their high-quality products and services.


Our key areas:

  • Developing innovative, state of the art products for portable hardness measuring.
  • Implementation of hardness testing and measuring systems for automatic production control using the UCI method.
  • Services, project consultancy and client training in all areas of solving problems concerning the testing and measuring of surfaces.
  • Client-specific adaptations from our product portfolio. 
  • We offer quick and accurate services to our clients at a fair price.
  • We provide solutions for the field of nondestructive testing and general material testing. 

We only have one mission, which is providing the best possible support to our clients and partners to ensure a long-lasting business relationship.
We consider innovations, high quality standards and the motivation to solve problems to be the key aspects of long-term success. This is why we work together with our global network of specialists and partner companies.

Company history


  • Introduction of SonoDur3 with Android based operating system and a lot of unique properties and functions. Starting a new era of UCI-hardness tester.


  • After 8 years of ontinuous and strong growth NewSonic moves to a larger premises.
  • NewSonic enters the new field of testing of press hardened high strength steel panels for the automotive industries. SONO-1M, motor probes deliver reasonable results with 1N (HV0,1) test load which is unique. With this new approach the decision making process is drastically reduced compared to laboratory tests.
  • NewSonic introduces exchange probes for its MIC10 customers (MIC2, MIC10, MIC20). Since GE has left the market of hardness testing we have received an overwhelming amount of repair work. Many of the probes brought in to us were too defective for an economic repair. Moreover the elder probes needed replacement due to lost product reliability in general. Furthermore we serve customers who have done a recent purchase and need additional test loads. NewSonic makes all dimensions of manual probes out of the MIC10 series.


  • SONO-PS-1-M, Magnet test stand for testing of large steel work pieces to be tested in any direction.
  • SONO-MSP-1, the first and only magnetic test stand for scanning of work pieces and  welds with 10kgf (HV10). Previous test stands of the kind have been specified only for 1 kgf (HV1) which was not suitable to test heat affected zones (HAZ) of welds.


  • SONO-Link utility software for easy and comprehensive documentation of test results.
  • SONO-S, new generation of UCI-probes with fully guided probe tip for highly accurate measurements on curved surfaces and edges comparable to mobile tripods.


  • SONO-100HL, long version. Specially designed probe tip for narrow test positions, SonoDur2 with expanded reassessment tables for various hardness scales
  • New functions for the SonoDur R - automatic operation by PC and PLC, data transfer to PC
  • Special probes with narrow indenter (1.7 mm instead of 2.5mm Ø) for tight measurement spaces (grooves, gears) HV1, HV5, motorised probes HV0.9


  • SonoDur2 - a new device platform to expand reassessment options for various hardness scales and tensile strength for all materials within Standard EN ISO 18265:2014 and ASTM E140-12bƐ1 (2013), as well as DIN50150 (2000, Table 1, Steel), can be pre-set automatically for special material parameters (e-module compensation) by selecting the appropriate material table
  • SonoDur R, software expansion and automatic measured value output


  • NewSonic acquires new premises due to strong company growth.
  • SonoDur-R ‘Rack’, the world’s first UCI system for automatic hardness testing
  • The long probes, SONO-10HL, -50HL mean that even parts with difficult geometries can now be tested.
  • Introduction of the precision stand ‘SONO-PS-1’ for hand-held measurement probes.
  • The management team is joined by Georg Wrobel (Production and Service) and Torsten Krause (Development).


  • Distribution and sales are expanded as far afield as Asia.
  • Market launch of the manual probes (HV1, HV5, HV10)
  • New premises in the centre of Reutlingen
  • Installation of the first automatic UCI hardness testing equipment on a production line (supplier to the automobile sectors, safety-related parts)


  • Participation for the first time at CONTROL in Stuttgart.
  • Market launch of the motorised probes (HV 0.1, HV0.3, HV0.9)


  • NewSonic GmbH is founded by Dr M. Tietze (natural sciences).
    The first portable SonoDur hardness testing device with motorised probe SONO-1M, Sono-3M, SONO-8M is developed.

    Development, production and servicing of portable hardness measuring devices and systems
    Global distribution
    Provider of solutions to the field of general materials testing
    Repair work on UCI devices (MIC products, GE Inspection Technologies)
    Training, consultancy