NewSonic Hardness testing

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NewSonic began sales in 2012 in Germany and around the world following more than 2 years of development. We develop and manufacture portable hardness testing devices for our clients around the world using the latest technology and with a focus on the metal production and processing industry. (machinery construction, vehicle manufacture, aeroplanes, power plant construction, chemistry, off-shore, maintenance companies etc.).

A selection of our direct clients:

  • Pilatus, Switzerland, 4 x HV0.8 motorised probes
    Measurement applications: Aeroplane parts, incoming goods inspection
  • Kinkele, HV10, steel construction, Lloyds Monitoring
    Measurement applications: Ship walls, weld inspection
  • CEWUS, HV10, testing institute
    Measurement applications: Weld seam inspection, general inspection
  • Flaig&Hommel, Aldingen, Germany, HV10, automobile supplier, SonoDur R System
    Measurement applications: Automobile parts following heat treatment
  • Rösler, Untermerzbach, Germany, HV10, machinery for surface hardening
    Measurement applications: Incoming goods inspection Anton Barth, Göppingen, Germany, HV10, hardening plant
  • Haupt steel hardening plant, 2 x HV5, hardening plant
  • Madinger, HV1, HV5, hardening plant
  • Blum, Austria, HV1HL, long version
    Measurement applications: Half-automated control of metallic closing mechanisms
  • Härtetechnik Rossdorf, HV5, hardening plant
  • Fellkniven (knife manufacturer), HV1, Sweden
    Measurement applications: Heat treatment of knives
  • Scania, Sweden, HV1 long version, manufacturers of truck transmissions
    Measurement applications: Transmission inspection after heat treatment
  • Bilfinger Machines, Linz, Austria, HV10
    Measurement applications: Weld seam inspection on pipes
  • Ebenhöh, machinery manufacturer, Austria, HV10
    Measurement applications: Tests following heat treatment
  • ITW, Zurich, Switzerland, HV1 long version, testing institute
    Measurement applications: Various applications, weld seam inspection
  • Mahle, China, valves, 7 x HV5 SonoDur R
    Measurement applications: Automatic testing of valve shafts
  • Wärtsilä, ship engines, Switzerland, HV1
    Measurement applications: Ship components, various applications, hardnesses, incoming goods inspection
  • Fraunreuth, spindle manufacturer, HV1, HV5, HV5 long version
    Measurement applications: Heat treatment
  • Hanomag hardening oil, HV1 (nitrided)
    Measurement applications: Heat treatment following nitriding
  • Hahn&Kolb, merchants, various motorised and manual probes from HV1 - HV10
  • Toni Maurer, MAN service partner, HV10
    Measurement applications: Various components, incoming goods inspection, weld seam inspection on commercial vehicles
  • Rieter, Machinen, Switzerland, HV1
    Measurement applications: Verifyin machine parts following heat treatment
  • Renk, drive technology, Germany, 2xHV0.8 motorised probe
    Measurement applications: Gears following heat treatment
  • Böhler Profil, section steel manufacturer, Austria, HV5
    Measurement applications: Quality checks of heat-treated industrial blades
  • Daimler, aluminium engine blocks, development, Stuttgart, Germany, HV5
    Measurement applications: Wear on engines which have been put through test runs over a period of time
  • Block Quality, Berlin, production monitoring, Germany, HV10
    Measurement applications: Weld seam inspection in power plants, damage assessment
  • Bayrische Bohrerwerke (StanleyBlack&Decker), Büchlberg, Germany, drills, HV5
    Measurement applications: Tests on raw drills following heat treatment
  • Ge Inspection Technologies, Hürth, Germany, universal uses, HV5
    Measurement applications: Benchmarks
  • Proceq, Zurich, Switzerland, universal uses, HV5
    Measurement applications: Benchmarks
  • Stork Turbo Blading, Sneek, NL, aerospace turbines, HV10
    Measurement applications: Testing of reclaimed turbine blades for aircraft engines
  • RUAG, Aerospace Structures GmbH, Germany, HV1
    Measurement applications: Aerospace frame parts made of aluminium
  • Magnet-Schultz, Memmingen, Germany, HV10
    Measurement applications: Incoming goods inspection
  • Eiffeler, hardening plant, HV5
    Measurement applications: Checks on large parts following heat treatment
  • Getrag, transmission manufacturer, HV5
    Measurement applications: Testing transmission parts for Porsche and Ferrari
  • Luk Schäffler, transmission and clutch parts HV1
    Measurement applications: Testing heat-treated parts and following surface hardening
  • Jet Aviation, Switzerland, HV1
    Measurement applications: Testing heat-treated aluminium parts for Airbus, Boeing, McDonald Douglas, etc.
  • Liebherr, Krane, Rostock, Germany, HV10
    Measurement applications: Incoming goods inspection, EN ISO 1090, construction steel
  • Wiegel-Parey, Magdeburg, Germany, steel, HV10
    Measurement applications: Incoming goods inspection, EN ISO 1090, construction steel
  • Andritz-Sundwick, Hemer, Germany, machine merchant, HV1 SonoDur R
    Measurement applications: automatic testing of moving aluminium strips 0.8 mm – 4 mm thick, following heat treatment
  • FIMA, Obersontheim, Germany, machinery
    Measurement applications: HV10, incoming goods inspection, general weld seam inspection
  • Biedenkapp, Wangen, Germany, tool steel
    Measurement applications: HV10, incoming goods inspection, EN ISO 1090, weld seam inspection
  • Winkler, automobile technology and servicing, HV10
    Measurement applications: Incoming goods inspection, welding seams
  • Weatherford oil and tools, HV5
    Measurement application: inspection (depending on area of use)
  • Exova Corrosion Center, Oil & Gas, UK and NL, HV5 and HV10
    Measurement application: Weld seam inspection, depending on area of use
  • Stihl, professional chainsaws, HV1
    Measurement application: Long probe for testing cam shafts
  • Daimler, Germany, HV1 and HV10 long probes,
    Measurement application: Transmission systems and components in materials science
  • Bosch-Rexroth, repair and customisation of probe tips for HV0.9 motorised probes from GE, MIC211
  • KWalter, Germany, SonoDur R and SONO-3M (HV0.3)
    Measurement application: automatic testing of rotogravure cylinders
  • And many more...