New SONO-S probes and SonoLink PC-Software

With the help of form adjusted probe feet, SONO-S can be placed steady on almost any surface. This enables a reproducible measurement with high accuracy.

The Vickers-Diamond is protected from direct material contact by a special formed support tube, respectively a probe foot. The probe is first placed in a stable test position holding it with one hand. Then the measurement process is released by the other hand using a special, spring-loaded pressure-head. Herewith it is given that the test load always comes from the outer end of the probe, alongside the probe-axis, with minimal influence of shear force to the measurement.
This novel integrated probe guidance allows very well manageable test processes, comparable with measurements made with a test stand. Experienced personnel can work on local narrow spaces directly with the diamond tip, without a protection, according to the classic model of the SonoDur hand-held probe.

New SonoLink PC software

We can also provide you with our new PC software for test data management in addition to our new probes, which will open up new opportunities for working with hardness testing devices. This includes data transmission and management, pressure log incl. customer-specific logo, exports to Excel at the press of a button, graphical representation (course of profile, histogram) More information will soon be provided - for an advance version, please contact us.

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