Hardness testing devices with UCI measuring technology from NewSonic

NewSonic’s hardness testing devices test hardness in a nondestructive way using the UCI method (ultrasonic contact impedance). The testing procedure enables quick and mobile measurements (1-second type) to supplement traditional hardness testing. The devices feature compact measurement probes which can also be used in difficult testing positions and component geometries. The areas of application include incoming goods inspection, mix-up checks, production controls, quality assurance, weld seam inspection, cut edge checks, maintenance of built-in components, as well as the replacement of dynamic hardness testing devices in the case of thin materials (below 50mm, e.g. boilers, pipes)

The small size and depth of the testing indentation ensures that the test piece can be re-used (with a few exceptions). This is why this procedure can be considered ‘non-destructive’. Further advantages include simple automation functions and high reproducibility. When using the UCI method, the entire contact surface of the Vickers diamonds is included in hardness calculations (not only the diagonal size or diameter as in convention hardness testing). This method is therefore characterised by a lower sensitivity in the event of unsymmetrical test indentations. The procedure is standardised in accordance with DIN 50159 and ASTM A1038.

SonoDur-R (Rack)

SonoDur-R (Rack)

19” desktop device for automated UCI hardness testing

SonoDur-R is a 19” desktop device for fully automated, 100% checks of mass-produced parts. The measurement system enables rapid process monitoring (at one-second intervals) of mix-up testing procedures.

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Manual measurement probes

Manual measurement probes

For reliable, hand-held hardness testing

Our manual measurement probes are available with test forces 10N, 50N and 100N. They are ideal for general, hand-held testing procedures in the fields of production and maintenance.

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Motorised measurement probes

Motorised measurement probes

Consistent application of force via an integrated motor

Our motorised measurement probes are available with test forces of 1N, 3N and 8.6N They are ideal for testing the hardness of delicate surfaces and enable an equal distribution of force at all times.

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Precision test stand and guide assistance

Precision test stand and guide assistance

For higher accuracy than measuring by hand

The Sono-PS-1 precision test stand enables exact positioning of the measurement probe.

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Prism attachment

Prism attachment

For optimum adaptation to curved surfaces

The Sono-PM-4 prism attachment set is ideal for measuring on curved surfaces.

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Hardness reference blocks

Hardness reference blocks

Using reference blocks while measuring will help ascertain whether your measurement device is properly calibrated.

Our hardness reference blocks include factory certificates (MPA certification also if requested) enabling ongoing verification and calibration of your UCI hardness testing devices to ensure consistently stable results. Reference blocks are available in different versions with certified hardness.

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The original stands out with its technology and innovation

NewSonic once again proves its high competence in development of test devices and systems in UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) hardness testing technology.

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