Exchange Probes SONO-205-201-2010 - 1
Exchange Probes SONO-205-201-2010 - 1
Exchange Probes SONO-205-201-2010 - 2
Exchange Probes SONO-205-201-2010 - 3

Exchange Probes SONO-205-201-2010: Exchange Probes in SonoDur Quality and Design

Modern SonoDur probe technique in Exchange (instead of repair work) extends the working life of MIC10.

1. Future-proof design with the possibility to be adopted later to SonoDur indication devices (exchange of probe electronics and plug)

2. High data integrity and protection against outage of probe
(from now on E-EPROM error E 1.0 with MIC10/MIC20 probes when disconnecting or reconnecting is past)

3. Probe cable connector is side-connected

  • Comfortable handling for better measurement, less susceptible to generate defects
  • Test stands and guide aids made for the SonoDur generation of probes can now be used by MIC10 users as well (Precision test stands like SONOPS1, SONO-MPS1, SONO-MPS10, probe grip etc.)
Notice: as exchange/replacement for hardness tester of GE/Krautkramer. Compatible to the following device types: MIC10, MIC10DL, MIC20, MIC2.
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Product facts:

  • SonoDur probes are bigger and therefore can be grabbed more easily and operated more safely
  • The larger probe diameter allows better control at less transmission of force even at higher test loads (manual testing) with improved control at the same time.
  • The exchange probe is distinctively bigger/longer, which allows an easier perpendicular setting. Therefore measurement deviations, due to inclined placement on the surface, can be reduced.


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