Motorised measurement probes - 1
Motorised measurement probes - 1
Motorised measurement probes - 2
Motorised measurement probes - 3

Motorised measurement probes: Consistent application of force via an integrated motor

Our motorised measurement probes are available with test forces of 1N, 3N and 8.6N They are ideal for testing the hardness of delicate surfaces and enable an equal distribution of force at all times.

Motorised measurement probes have primarily been designed for measurements without an operator, stand or guidance aid, within a very narrow tolerance range. Hardness measurement consistency is ensured by the motorised measurement process. Motorised measurement probes operate with significantly lower test forces (1N, 3N, 8.6N) than manual measurement probes, thus making them ideal for delicate surfaces which cannot tolerate a lot of testing pressure.

The integrated motorised controls ensure that measurements are made with practically no influence from the operator and that the period for which the test load is in effect can be adjusted to between 1 and 99 seconds.

The special force application properties (freely selectable penetration time point with constant test force) means that the visual assessment of Vickers indentations can also be performed at a later point. The material’s hardness is tested using the UCI method.

Our motorised measurement probes can be used with the mobile hardness testing device SonoDur2 as well as the SonoDur-R 'Rack'. They can be adapted to most devices using a standard USB interface.

Do you require probes with different dimensions or test loads? We can produce a custom-made probe to meet your needs - just get in contact.

Precision motorised measurement probes

All UCI measurement probes are characterised by high precision and can provide stable and informative measurements over a long period of time. The measurement system encompasses the entire hardness range of the traditional Vickers scale.


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Product facts:

  • Robust mechanical construction, housing made from anodised aluminium - for everyday use. Long-term stability thanks to its special design.
  • State of the art signal processing within the probe which links via a standard USB interface to the display unit - making it universally compatible with most devices
  • There is only minor scattering of measurement values which remains constant even in the case of high hardness levels.
  • Fully adjustable to almost all technical materials. The CAL number was designed to automatically compensate for the E-module
  • Universally adaptable to most devices
  • Highly flexible probe to display unit cable, custom lengths possible.
  • Low service costs thanks to a modular construction and replaceable Vickers diamonds in the event of repairs.
  • Reliable storage of calibration values.

Areas of application:

  • For everyday use
  • For thin and delicate surface layers, such as in the printing industry, pistons, plating
  • Can be used with SonoDur2 and SonoDur-R as well as many other systems
  • For testing surface hardness - copper gravure printing industry, automobile sector

Standard motorised measurement probes with shift sleeve and screwed protection sleeve

order number: 11106
Motorised measurement probe 1N (0,1 kgf)
order number: 11107
Motorised measurement probe 3N (0,3 kgf)
order number: 11108
Motorised measurement probe 8,6N (0,9 kgf)

Other dimensions and proof loads on request.


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