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ECHO-9 - 1
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ECHO-9: Ultrasonic thickness and corrosion gauge with A-scan display

Danatronics offers our newest ultrasonic thickness gage line, the ECHO 9 series.

ECHO 9 represents our most advanced thickness gage ever. ECHO 9 offers a 3.5” high resolution sunlight readable color display with live A-Scan, echo to echo to ignore coatings, B-Scan, datalogger with up to 32GB of SD card memory and  interface to Microsoft excel. The ECHO 9 is available in 4 models including the ECHO 9, ECHO 9DL, ECHO 9W and ECHO 9DLW. The vibrate on alarm feature is the world’s first and is great for loud environments.

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Product facts:

  • Simultaneous Live Color A-Scan and Thickness Display
  • 3.5” Sunlight readable color display
  • Field upgradeable software options include
  • Fast/Min and Fast/Max displays minimum, maximum or both simultaneously with actual thickness at 25 Hz
  • Compatible with a wide variety of Danatronics dual and single element transducers
  • Multiple languages
  • Datalogger interfaces with Microsoft Excel
  • Designed for IP67
  • Made in the USA

Areas of application:

  • Boiler Tubes
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Storage Tanks
  • Ship Hulls
  • Pipes

Measuring Specification

Application Corrosion / highly resolving*
Usable Probe  
Dual-Element Probe X
Single-Element Probe X
Range* 0.508mm - 584 mm
* Thickness range depends on gage type, probe selection and material conditions 0.020 inch - 23 inch
Resolution* 0.01 mm / 0.001* mm
* depends on version and probe 0.001 inch / 0.0001* inch
Material Velocity Range 0.0200 - 0.7362 inch/µsec
  0.508 - 18.699 mm/µsec
Transmission pulse Rectangle
Transmission voltage 150V
Bandwidth 0,5 - 30 MHz
Gain adjustable* Low, Standard and High
* device-dependent, with A-Image 20-94 db in 1 db increments
Repetition frequency display / A-scan 4 / 25 Hz
Rectification/aligment HF, neg/pos half wave, full wave
A-scan display Yes
Measurement Types:  
Mode 1, SI-1. BE (Inital Pulse - 1. Backwall Echo) Yes
Mode 2, IE-BE (Interface Echo - Backwall Echo) Yes
Mode 3, BE-BE (backwall Echo-Backwall Echo)* Yes
Time gain compensation (TGC) No
Suppressing function after the pulse and interface echo Yes*
Data-Port USB
Datalogger Yes, export to excel
Data XL Yes
Temperature (Gage operating) -4 to 122F (-20°C to 50°C)
Protection rating IP67
Keypad Illuminating rubber keypad for go/no-go testing
Package Custom, splash-proof, high impact plastic
Size (L x W x H) 184 x 101.5 mm x 50.8 mm
Weight Device 0,52 kg (Li-Ion) / 0,45 kg (AlMn)
Batteries Li-Ion / 3x AAA Alkaline
Operating time* 16h - 20h (Li-Ion)
* depends on operating mode and battery type 8h - 12h (AlMn)
Display 3.5” high resolution color display, 320 x 240 Pixels (1/4 VGA), sunlight readable, including multiple color choices
Hold (last indicated value) Yes
Freeze (Display) Yes
Fast Min/Max 25 Hz
Diff Mode Yes
Wear notification Probe Yes*
* depends on probe  
Oxid Skala Yes*
LOS (Loss of Interface Echo) Yes
Alarms Gage vibrates and beeps. Display changes color based on alarm condition
Languages DE, EN, FR, ES, IT, CZ, PT, SK, FI, HU,CN
Field-Upgradable Yes
Units Inch/mm/µsec
B-Scan widthout Encoder Yes*
B-Scan width Hardware Encoder Yes*
Warranty 2 Years
*under normal use on parts and labor for gage  


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