Reparatur Härtemessgerät
Reparatur Härtemessgerät
Reparatur Härtemessgerät

Repairing and recalibrating UCI hardness testing devices

Our team of experts will be on hand to help repair and calibrate your hardness testing devices and measurement probes and answer any questions you may have. We can generally offer servicing and repairs from one source.

As a manufacturer of high-quality hardness testing technology, we have the expertise to repair, maintain and recalibrate your hardness testing devices and measurement probes. We can also take care of relacing worn or damaged Vickers diamonds and recalibration of the equipment. Our reliable repair services are based on many years of experience and are available not only for our own devices, but also for a range of hardness testing equipment from other manufacturers, such as Krautkramer.

You can always rely on us to achieve quick and lasting results. The repaired devices generally leave our plant within a week and just require reconnection. We also provide an express service for especially urgent cases (upon request). We will gladly provide you with a rental device in advance to help bridge gaps between repairs.

  • Servicing, checks, recalibration and repair of our SonoDur UCI hardness testing devices and measurement probes and devices from other manufacturers MIC10 formerly Krautkramer (GE Inspection Technologies).
  • Client-orientated repair schedules, generally 10-14 working days plus mailing time as well as skilled, solution-orientated advice offered at fair prices.
  • Replacement devices can be provided on request in line with our service conditions to help bridge the gap until repairs can be carried out.

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