Training and courses on proper hardness testing

Your specific measurement applications and issues - we will gladly provide advice on -site or by telephone.

Well-trained users are a prerequisite for reliable implementation of mobile hardness testing. They must be well-versed in technical- and application-related issues as well as the physical limits of mobile hardness testing within the intended application, only then can informative and useful results be produced.

As a manufacturer of high-quality hardness testing technology, we can share our many years of expertise in frequent training sessions and courses on testing and measuring technology with both individual users and companies. Some events are held in conjunction with the DGZfP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für zerstörungsfreie Prüfung e.V. (German association for nondestructive testing)) and MPA Dortmund. The speakers, some of which include our own experts, will explain the basic techniques for using mobile UCI hardness devices and pass on their in-depth knowledge of the technology. These sessions will enable companies and users to produce valid results from their mobile hardness testing processes.

In addition, we can also hold training on companies’ own premises. These will enable several employees to simultaneously receive basic or advanced training in real-life circumstances for their specific measurement applications.

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